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Your Car: A Toxic Health Hazard

It is estimated that roughly 90 percent of Americans drive a car. People rely on their cars for school, work, emergencies, entertainment, leisure and errands. Someone who lives for 80 years could easily spend tens of thousands of accumulated hours sitting inside a vehicle. This sounds rather harmless, until you come to realize that during all of your time spent in your car, you are breathing in and absorbing into your skin a number of highly toxic chemicals.

Asbestos, lead, bromine, benzene,
PBDEs and pthalates are found in abundance on and in your car. Many people believe their cars to be safe from toxins due to modern manufacturing regulations, but nothing could be further from the truth. These chemicals can be found in the upholstery, carpeting, leather, plastic and parts, and many of them are even responsible for the new car smell people love so much.

Pthalates and benzene are found in plastics such as dashboards, door panels, center consoles and imitation leather. These things have been linked with hormonal problems, infertility, genital deformities in babies, cancer, low sperm count, anemia and immune suppression.

PBDEs are used in the production of fire retardants, which are applied to the seats, carpets and upholstery of your vehicle. While fire retardants may seem like a great idea, they are extremely toxic, and are released into the air and absorbed through your skin. They have been known to cause thyroid problems, cancer, fatigue, anxiety, unexplained weight gain, birth defects and mental problems. It can be passed from mother to child in breast milk.

Lead is found in automotive upholstery and carpeting, and in older vehicles, the paint. Like most other chemicals, it is inhaled from the air and absorbed through the skin where it causes brain and blood disorders, miscarriage, mental retardation in children, fertility problems, delayed puberty and dementia.

Asbestos exposure to which is responsible for mesothelioma, can be found in both modern and older cars. It is used in brake pads, the clutch assembly, hood lining, gaskets, seals, valve rings and thread sealing tape. Asbestos, besides causing mesothelioma, can cause asbestosis and breathing problems. It may also get in the eyes and nose, as well as the mouth where it is then swallowed.

Bromine is found in car seats, armrests, trim, shift knobs and other components. Bromine has been linked to cancer, thyroid disorders, schizophrenia and other mental problems.

Besides getting rid of your car, there are things you can do to limit your exposure. Don't sit in your car for prolonged periods with the windows up. Leave them cracked when the car will sit for a time in the sun or when it's hot outside. Also, try to avoid running your AC as soon as you get in the car.

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Volkswagen Passat 2012: German Tank

VW Passat 2012

Volkswagen's set out to completely re-engineer its core products for America, in the hopes of grabbing some of the momentum that's vaulted South Korea's Hyundai and Kia into the heart of the mid-size sedan market. With the Jetta upsized and repositioned, it's now the Passat's turn.
German-engineered is a key phrase for the 2012 VW Passat, the company's first American-made vehicle since 1985. Issuing forth from a billion-dollar factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this Passat grows longer and wider, and reverts to some stalwart engines and suspension designs, so that it can be manufactured more simply, and more inexpensively--which should help VW bring the base price for the big new sedan down to about $20,000.Engine
Volkswagen TdI Engine

The 2.0-liter turbodiesel is good for 140 horsepower at 4,000 rpm (30 fewer but 1,700 lower, respectively, than the 2.5-liter gas engine) and 236 foot-pounds of torque at 1,500 rpm (59 more and 2,750 lower). As the specs suggest, the diesel feels especially strong off the line and at low speeds. Over 30 miles-per-hour or so the gas engine is quicker, but the diesel remains easily adequate and even at highway speeds does not feel sluggish. The TDI’s sound is clearly that of a diesel, especially when idling, but is much quieter and less clattery than the oil burners of decades past. The six-speed dual-clutch automated manual (DSG in VW parlance) behaves very similarly to the six-speed conventional automatic in the 2.5. Whether creeping along without a foot on the gas or shifting at full throttle it’s smooth. I attempted to trip it up, and failed. The DSG’s shifts are quicker than the conventional automatic’s, but when paired with the inherently slow-revving diesel this is of limited benefit.
When paired with the TDI, the DSG primarily benefits fuel economy by eliminating the fluid coupling of a torque converter. The EPA ratings of 30/40 are quite good for a large sedan. The trip computer reported even better numbers: high 30s in typical suburban driving and low 50s while cruising at 70. 
Interior Design
VW Passat US Version - Interior, 2012, 800x600, 8 of 10
Passat Interior Design
I've been critical of Volkswagen's decision to remove some of the upscale cabin niceties in its redesigned Jetta compact sedan in order to price the car more competitively. Likewise, the new Passat goes without some features that VW enthusiasts might appreciate, like a height-adjustable front armrest, but the overall materials quality, attention to detail and standard features  like one-touch up/down power windows for front and rear occupants, Bluetooth cell phone connectivity and dual-zone automatic air conditioning  make the Passat competitive with the best the family sedan segment has to offer.
The Passat has grown some with its redesign  4 inches in length, half an inch in width and half an inch in height  but the cabin feels substantially roomier than the outgoing Passat. Legroom and shoulder room have increased considerably in some instances. I'm 6-foot-1, and even with the front seat adjusted for me, the backseat has nearly as much legroom as a long-wheelbase full-size sedan, which the Passat isn't. This is the kind of car four tall adults could take on a long road trip and arrive no worse for wear  even those sitting in back.
The cavernous passenger area doesn't come at the expense of cargo room, as the trunk measures a competitive 15.9 cubic feet. It's very deep and rectangular, with few intrusions. A 60/40-split folding backseat is standard, and lowering the rear backrests reveals a large opening between the trunk and the cabin.
As required of all vehicles starting with the 2012 model year, the Passat includes an electronic stability system. Also standard are antilock brakes, side-impact airbags andactive head restraints for the front seats, and side curtain airbags for both rows.

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Alfa Romeo 159: Italian Dream

Alfa Romeo 159 Safety Car

The Alfa’s sharp look demands a high performance engine, therefore, there are three petrol engines are offered to choose from for the Romeo 159. However, reviewers recommend at least one diesel engine to make Alfa Romeo 159 saloon economical for finance-oriented drivers. The range of engines starts with 1.8litre with 140bhp. A 1.9litre engine was also offered at the time of launch that was soon replaced by 1.8litre. A 2.2litre engine with 185bhp and is quite powerful as compared to the previous model whereas the top range is comprised of 3.2litre V6 with 260bhp. 
Sharp Design Lightning

The diesel engine is the strongest and the biggest plus point of Romeo 159, however all the petrol engines are also superb performers.
The 1.9litre punchy petrol engine offers a great blend of performance and economy while the larger engines such as 2.4litre are also upgraded several times since the inception and powered from 200bhp to 210bhp. The 1.9litre engine is modified to lower down its performance and to improve its economy from 50mpg to 54mpg. Two more petrol engines are also introduced powered with 200bhp, which is certainly not the most superb engine available but it is smooth, strong and effortless for acceleration, making it the wonderful in working while overtaking.

File:Alfa 159.jpg
Police car Alfa Romeo 159

Alfa Romeo 159 Interiors
Alfa Romeo 159 Interior
Interior of Alfa Romeo 159
The interiors of the car feature comfortable seats in high grade upholstery. The dashboard has aluminium inserts and metallic cover for centre console. The interiors are quite spacious and the trunk space is around 405 litres. The car has high quality audio system with 10 speakers. The car also has Blue&Me system which allows users to connect USB compatible device or Bluetooth to the car. The car has automatic climate control feature with three zones and cruise control as well.
Alfa ROmeo 159 StationWagon
The 159 was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro in collaboration with the Alfa Centro Stile. The nose features a traditional Alfa Romeo V-shaped grille and bonnet, and cylindrical head light clusters. A high waistline broadens until it reaches the rear "C" pillar. The interior also features styling treatments familiar from earlier cars, including the 156, such as deeply recessed instruments which are angled towards the driver. However, the 159 is larger than its predecessor at 4660 millimetres (183.4 in) long some 225 mm (8.9 in) longer than the Alfa 156, 1828 mm (71.9 in) wide and 1417 mm (55.7 in) high.

File:Alfa Romeo Brera V6 engine.JPG
Engine Of Alfa 159

No corners cut here with the 159 fitted with seven airbags, cruise control, fog lamps, ABS brakes with EBA and HBA, stability control, VDC and hill holder which eliminates the need for handbrake starts. There are also sensors for automatic wipers and lights. 

Centre console Alfa Romeo 159

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Audi A4: Explore the Luxury

Audi A4 2012

2012 Audi A4 Performances and Features
2012 Audi A4 using two engines, namely 2.0-liter turbocharged engine that produces 207 horsepower and 3.1-liter V6 that produces 255 horsepower. 2012 Audi A4 sedan version comes only with Quattro All wheel drive, sedan and convertible versions can choose between four wheels and Quattro All wheel drive. Versions equipped with the all wheel or four wheel drive can choose between a six speed manual transmission and a six speed automatic transmission.
2012 Audi A4 Engine View
2012 Audi A4 Engine View
2012 Audi A4 sedan and wagon powered by a 2.0-Liter, 16-inch tires, a driver’s seat that is powered, a sunroof and a music system that can store 6 CDs / MPS and has 10 speakers. If one Buys the 2012 Audi A4 sedan or wagon, powered by the 3.1 Liter engine, it is equipped with 17 inch tires, seats made of leather, front seats that are heated and a passenger seat in the front that is powered.
For 2012 Audi A4 covertible versions have equipment similar to other models, but adds automatic soft top. Audi A4 Audi also offers in sports package with suspension that is sports tuned and a specialized trim for the interior. 2012 Audi A4 is also equipped with a system for traction and stability control, side air bags for front passenger, and curtain air bags in all side car (this is not available on convertible). Airbags mounted in the side, for those who sit in rear available optional safety equipment for the sedan and wagon versions. 2012 Audi A4 with the design style and materials used in vehicles that are top quality. Seats firm but comfortable when there is a long drive.

Interior Design
Among the luxury sedans are entry-level Audi A4 Cab 2012 is considered one of the best in its class. The interior is spartan design gives an air of gravity adults, while high-quality materials, send a message of sophisticated refinement. The use of leather as standard equipment also gives Audi an advantage over their competitors BMW and Mercedes that uses vinyl leatherette.

Most of the MMI infotainment functions are conveniently located around the gear lever, on models equipped with navigation system, but cars without navigation, the MMI on the dashboard, which is much less convenient and user friendly. Navigation-equipped vehicles also get the newer and improved GUI. A4 Other controls are generally intuitive and beautiful, but access to certain features can be an exercise in frustration. Adjusting something as simple as the fan speed, for example, is a two-step process.

12 cubic feet in the trunk is of medium size sedan, so it is useful to look forward, offering 17.3 cubic feet. Fold the front seat down and has 51 cubic feet: a useful amount, if less than average for a car raked rear window of Audi.

2012 Audi A4 Exterior Design
As usual, much news has been swirling around about modifications of the 2012 Audi A4′s body design. However, a mid-cycle modification will not be astonishing for this product. So, drivers should be on the lookout for a slightly revamped A4 for 2012.
2012 Audi 4 rear view
2012 Audi 4 rear view
2012 Audi A4 Model History
When we talk about its performance, we may find the same condition as its predecessor had. Mainly, this new product is excellent in its its responsiveness and outstanding handling. A optionally available 8-speed automated transmission was installed in the 2011 design and really should boost the A4′s overall performance. It is also equipped with a four-year, 50.000-mile warranty with roadside help to make it more reliable.

Further, one free maintenance appointment that was installed in the previous A4s is also installed in this new product, which will additionally apply to the 12-year corrosion guarantee. Any more interesting news is that its resale price is high, making it a worthwhile investment.
2012 Audi A4 Safety Features
Its safety feature is one of its superiorities since it is designed with the same feature as its predecessor. Flawless accident check ratings will always be part of its feature which will make safety-conscious drivers pleased. It is also provided with an enormous selection of airbags, such as side head curtain airbags, front and front-seat side airbags and even rear-seat side airbags. Extra security features that are also inserted in this new product are traction control, stability control, and antilock brakes.
If are still unsatisfied with this product, there are other products in the same class to consider such as The Volkswagen CC when you desire the affordable one, the BMW 3 series when you desire the powerful drive, the Infiniti G37, which has the same price but is considerably more powerful, or even the Mercedes-Benz C-class.
2012 Audi A4 Competitors
At last, the 2012 Audi A4 may have everything that you search regarding power, pricing, options and safety; in that case, it should be the right option.

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Volvo S60 2012: Scandinavian Adrenaline

1-)Driven to the Top

2-)The Perfect Chassis

3-)A Racy Figure

4-)Turbocharged Engines

5-)Innovative Technology

On the power side of the equation, Volvo has called on Swedish motorsports firm Polestar Racing, a collaborator since 1996, to work its magic on the S60’s turbocharged 3.0-liter inline-6. While no internal changes were made (and intercooler and injector sizes remain status quo), boost pressure rises from 13.0 psi to 14.5, resulting in 325 bhp (up from 300 bhp, and peaking 200 rpm lower at 5400 revs). Torque climbs from 325 lb.-ft. to 354, not giving away anything down low yet gaining a healthy bump in the 2000–4000 rev range. As before, the engine’s paired with an Aisin/Warner Geartronic 6-speed automatic driving through a Haldex all-wheel-drive system than normally apportions torque 90/10 front/rear, yet can send the Full Monty rearward if necessary. Additionally, on hard acceleration from standstill, a premeasured slug of 79 lb.-ft. goes to the rear wheels for a crisp launch. Volvo claims a 5.5-sec. dash to 60 mph.
Chassis changes do firm up the suspension in a positive way. Springs are 15 percent stiffer and lower the car 15 mm, the front anti-roll bar grows from 21 mm to 23, the rear subframe bushings are 20 percent stiffer, and the rear suspension’s trailing links now have a chassis attachment bushing that’s four times(!) stiffer. Additionally, the rear shocks are now a quicker-reacting monotube design. While we’d hoped for an upsized wheel/tire package, the R-Design’s are equivalent to those on the Dynamic Package offered on lesser S60s…235/40R-18s on 18 x 8-in. wheels. The rolling stock looks especially handsome, the wheels a unique cranked-spoke design with a machined face, fitted with nicely grippy ContiSportContact 3s, the optional summer-only tire.
How does it all work? Quite nicely, as we found on our road drive north of Yountville, California, and on several laps around Thunderhill Raceway just outside the town of Willows. The Geartronic 6-speed downshifts quickly and decisively, and the natural-feeling electric-assist steering weights up in a linear fashion with increasing lock and cornering loads. The Dynamic Stability and Traction Control (DTSC) is partially defeatable (a three button-push process through a menu system; a single dedicated button would be a better solution), but when in Sport Mode, it intervenes only when you’ve utterly botched the corner, as we found on the track. At the limit, there’s steady mild to moderate understeer, but the rear tires can be coaxed into participating with some slight lift-throttle yaw. Sport mode also bumps the shift points.
Exterior Design
Coupe with four doors
The all-new S60 is sportier and more dynamic than any previous Volvo.
Photo: 2012 Volvo S60
But it is still an unmistakeable representative of Scandinavian design at its best. Virtually all the lines were penned to carve out the "coupe with four doors" profile. The C-pillar stretches sensually all the way to the tail lamps - and the slim coupe-like roof line is accompanied by a new contour on the shoulders on either side of the lower body, creating a gentle yet powerful double wave from the headlamps at the front to the tail lamps at the rear.
Photo: 2012 Volvo S60
R-Design with extra spice
The all-new Volvo S60 R-Design comes with a range of specially developed design details both outside and in.
On the inside, the driver and front passenger sit in sports seats in which the backrest from the S60 and V60 is matched by an all-new seat cushion with even closer side support than before.
Photo: 2012 Volvo S60
Volvo Cars' chassis experts have taken the next step on the road to a more and more exciting driving experience. In the R-Design chassis they have sharpened the steering, the agility and the solid overall impression still further compared with the dynamic chassis in the all-new S60.
Exterior styling kit
An exterior styling kit gives the customer an opportunity to further enhance the already sporty appearance. The styling kit comes as an accessory. It includes front and rear skid plates, a front deco frame, side scuff plates, exhaust tailpipe finishers and 18-inch alloy wheels.
Photo: 2012 Volvo S60
Exterior colours
The following exterior colours are available:
Black Stone 019
Passion Red 612
Ice White 614
Cosmic White 481
Black Sapphire 452
Savile Grey 492
Silver Metallic 426
Electric Silver 477
Caspian Blue 498
Seashell 484
Electrum Gold 703
Vibrant Copper 704
Flamenco Red 702

Interior Design

Inside, a number of new features help to further differentiate the S60 R-Design. The driver and front passenger sit in sports seats in which the highly supportive backrest from the S60 is matched by an all-new seat cushion with deeper side bolsters. The upholstery will be offered in off-black leather with contrasting stitching and a sport-oriented textured leather accent with an embossed R-Design logo across the front-seat backrests. The interior also features a sport steering wheel with R-Design logo, gear selector, sports pedals, floor mats and a blue watch-dial instrument cluster.

Advantages: Comfortable and refined; well built

Disadvantages: Weak residual values mean it loses money

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Ford Mondeo: Big, Powerful and Kinetic

Yeni Ford Mondeo

Ford Mondeo is the one the best car of D Segment. Cause of this are both its powerful engine and dynamic design . Maybe you see  Mondeo was used a police car. Motto of New Mondeo:The beauty comes from within.

I must confess its interior design to simple than Vauxhall(Opel) Insignia
Its perfect design calls attention in first sight. Also Led lightings so cool but making after Audi this design makes it imitator not producer. Lighting design and chrome front grille approach it to sport cars.
Interior design is elegance too but simple. Led Interior lightning's beautifying inside. Ever then Mondeo fell behind from his rivals. But you shouldn't forget his Pioneer Sound System
There is a new engine that Ford using everycars: Ecoboost

"You can choose the new generation of high-efficiency EcoBoost turbocharged petrol engines for the new Mondeo, as a 1.6-litre or 2.0-litre version. Both deliver better performance with more torque at all engine speeds while reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel efficiency.

The new 1.6-litre 160 PS EcoBoost petrol engine gives CO2 emissions of only 158 g/km. Its direct injection, variable valve timing and turbocharging technology give the performance of a larger engine with the fuel economy and lower CO2benefits of a smaller engine. The higher performance 2.0-litre EcoBoost engine delivers 203 PS, with fuel consumption of only36.7mpg (combined). With no compromise to driving enjoyment, 203PS has CO2 emissions of just 179 g/km"

It is a new engine and his rivals are using less powerful engine. This

engine gives him 240 horsepower.(2.0 Petrol) For all that (same 

speciality)Vauxhall(Opel) Insignia 220 horsepower and Audi A4 211 

horsepower.  But He can't show same success in 1.6 engine. While Mondeo was 

160 hp, Opel is 180 hp. In diesel again Opel have dominance(140/143/160)

-143:Audi A4 hp- 

Audi's Led design was liked  too much.


Ecomode technology shows  how to use effective car that watching your drive 

style .It's friend with your budget.

Active front grille adjusts grille for the best aerodynamic shape and decreases

fuel consumption.  

Ford PowerShift delivers a premium experience for driving enthusiasts.

 Featuring a new state-of-the-art six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission,

 it cleverly selects the next appropriate gear at exactly the right moment,

 delivering lightning-fast gear changes with no disruption to the flow of power

Station Wagon version
Last Words

  • Powerful ecoboost engine
  • Kinetic Exterior Design
  • Innovatives for decreasing fuel consumption
  • Weak diesel engine compared to his rivals
  • Simple interior design
  • Noisy cabin
Mondeo have Sedan and Station Wagon versions. Edge, Zetec ve Titanium  

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